To help us remember all the parts of the human ear, we've been practicing a song.  Click on the video below to hear us practicing.
3SB acted out the parts of a human ear last week.  Students, can you explain the parts of the ear and what they do?
What do you know about soundwaves?
In 3SB we have been learning about how to describe rocks.  We have discussed rock colour, texture (how it feels), luster (how shiny it is - or how much light it reflects) and hardness.  To check the hardness of a rock, we tested to see if we could scratch it with our fingernails, a penny or a metal nail.  Can you describe a rock that you have?
  Last week we made earths out of clay. We rolled an orange ball out of clay and wrapped our layers around it. The inside orange layer is the inner core. It is solid. The red layer is the outer core. It is made up of rocks and minerals and is so hot that it is liquid. The thickest layer is the mantle and it's yellow. We haven't drilled down to the mantle yet! The thinnest layer is called the crust, which we live on!  Which layer is your favourite layer and why?
On Friday, 3SB went to the Field House!!! We had so much fun there because we got to wear hard hats, Mr. Terry gave us a tour around the the Field House and took questions about the Field House. So it was pretty awesome. We got to see the blue prints for the construction. It was so fun to go around and all the stuff that was going on. Mr.Terry was soooo nice!!! I was amazed at all the cool stuff that was going on!!!! If you ever get to go to the Field House, make sure to thank Mr.Terry. Most of the building is made out of steel. The walk there was about 25 min. When we got there I saw people on the roof. Luckily they where wearing a harness, bright vests and ropes attached to the harness. There was a huge crane there that lifts things onto the roof!!! It was very loud there. 3SB had a lot of fun there!!!
Here is what we know at the beginning of our unit:    (you may