Last week we made earths out of clay. We rolled an orange ball out of clay and wrapped our layers around it. The inside orange layer is the inner core. It is solid. The red layer is the outer core. It is made up of rocks and minerals and is so hot that it is liquid. The thickest layer is the mantle and it's yellow. We haven't drilled down to the mantle yet! The thinnest layer is called the crust, which we live on!  Which layer is your favourite layer and why?
10/1/2013 10:00:29 am

Dear 3SB

Making clay earths was fun! I remember when we were cutting the earths in half! My favorite part was when we made the earths!My favorite layer is the Crust, because we live on the Crust

Your classmate, Hope

10/2/2013 02:23:37 am

Dear 3sb it was fun making the earths out of clay and what I like the best is when we cut the earths open
From your friend makayla

10/2/2013 02:24:18 am

Hi 3sb.
I love the video of the layer of the earth.It was asum. Love Katum.

10/2/2013 02:27:16 am

Dear 3SB!

I love how you made the earths! That is a good way to do it! you are smart!

10/2/2013 02:30:14 am

Dear 3SB,

Hi, doing that was super fun! My favourite part was cutting it in half.

Your friend,

10/3/2013 01:11:42 am

Dear 3SB

I love to make the clay earths it is really fun! The best part was cuting them! Then we put the flags in. I loved that.

your friend,matthew

maureen schlemko
10/3/2013 02:40:07 am

Hi Grade 3SB,

Your clay models of the earth are very detailed! I can clearly see the layers and I know that you deepened your understanding of the layers by creating the model and talking about it. Great work! My favourite layer is the outer core. It amazes me that it is liquid!

Mrs. S. :)

10/3/2013 04:41:16 am

I loved making the clay earth! My favourite layer is the crust because its the coolest layer and we live on it.
( : love, Linden

10/7/2013 01:23:02 am

Dear3sb minerals are so cool because its rock is ther smooth when it's found? And what is a moon shine?

10/10/2013 01:48:26 am

Dear 3SB
That was fun I wish we could do that agian !

From your friend Peyton

10/10/2013 01:51:01 am

Dear 3sb
The earth is cool
It is fun to Make
The cias Mack lots.
From Zander


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