Here at IREC, we spent the afternoon outside enjoying a  wonderful fall day.  This was our school-wide physical activity –and it was FUN!

In order to keep our saws sharp,  we were travelling from station to station doing physical challenges. We
collected stamps, stickers or hole-punches on our APPLE passports from each station we visited.

Thank you to all our volunteers!  You made it a lot of fun!

On Tuesday, we were lucky to have a presentation by Blackfalds Fire-Rescue.  They showed us their gear, explained the details of being a firefighter and reminded us how to make good choices if there is ever a fire.  We know that if we get stuck in a room when there is a fire, we should throw something like a teddy bear out the window for the rescue crew to notice.  That way, they know to look up to our window to see if we need help.   
We have completed the lessons for the “7 Habits of Digital Citizenship” in class. Thank you for being so prompt in sending back the contracts and taking the time to discuss these valuable lessons with your child. It is very important for students to learn about how to be responsible online, and how to ensure that they are leaving a positive digital footprint. We will continue to discuss and practice what we have learned throughout the year.

In our class, we are will be utilizing technology such as computers, ipads and ipod touches in our daily learning. These tools offer great opportunities and motivation for our students! You should have recieved information and contracts for your child to bring their own devices to school to use as learning tools and a contract for your child to have their own WolfApps email. This allows the students to share projects with me, comment on our blog, create their own blog as a portfolio of their learning and to practice digital citizenship. 

If you would like any more information about digital citizenship please see our school webpage a .


Oct.3 – Ikaro’s Pizza Hot Lunch
Oct.3 – Last Gr 3/4 Running Club
Oct.4 – Splat the Staff Assembly 
Oct.5 – PD Day – No School
Oct.8 – Thanksgiving Monday – No School
Oct.9 – Parent Council Meeting – 7pm
Oct.12 – X-treme Assembly – 1:50pm
Oct.16 – Picture Day
Oct.17 – Subway Hot Lunch
Oct.23 – Parent Teacher Interviews (3-6pm) – appointments may be made by calling the office.
Oct.25 – Parent Teacher Interviews (4-7pm) – appointments may
be made by calling the office.
Oct.26 – PD Day – No school
Oct. 30 - Swimming at the CUC pool
 Oct.31 – Halloween – Costume or Orange/Black Dress Up
Oct.31 – Hot Dog Hot Lunch

We are looking forward to meeting all of the parents in our class at parent teacher interviews on Tuesday, October 23rd, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Thursday, October 25th, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. These interviews are more formal in nature and provide an opportunity for us to share with you how your child is adapting to grade three and our plans for the year. Research shows an informed supportive culture at home is critical to student success.

Please phone the school office at 403-885-4646 to make an appointment.