We have completed the lessons for the “7 Habits of Digital Citizenship” in class. Thank you for being so prompt in sending back the contracts and taking the time to discuss these valuable lessons with your child. It is very important for students to learn about how to be responsible online, and how to ensure that they are leaving a positive digital footprint. We will continue to discuss and practice what we have learned throughout the year.

In our class, we are will be utilizing technology such as computers, ipads and ipod touches in our daily learning. These tools offer great opportunities and motivation for our students! You should have recieved information and contracts for your child to bring their own devices to school to use as learning tools and a contract for your child to have their own WolfApps email. This allows the students to share projects with me, comment on our blog, create their own blog as a portfolio of their learning and to practice digital citizenship. 

If you would like any more information about digital citizenship please see our school webpage ahttp://www.irec.wolfcreek.ab.ca/Digital_Citizenship .


Greg Esteves
10/3/2012 02:55:54 am

What a fantastic looking blog you have started for your grade 3 students and parents. This a great way to communicate about what is happening in your class and really helps support your class and school culture. Very well done.

3SB Class
10/4/2012 12:43:12 am

Thank you for your nice words and for stopping by our blog for a visit. We are glad you liked our blog.

10/4/2012 07:42:39 am

My mom told dad. My mom is not to sure about bringing tecnoligy to school.


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