3SB Class
10/18/2012 01:12:29 am

Dear Mrs. Sahlin and Ms. Badall,

Splat the staff was a great time. It was so fun to watch. We especially liked watching Mr. W get splatted by Mrs. Schlemko.

Mrs. Sahlin did you get any whip cream on you?

from your fantastic class

10/18/2012 08:14:48 am

Mrs.Sahin and Ms.Badall
Me and dad watched this. We both thought this video was really funny. Hope you post again soon. Thank you.

Vicky Sahlin
10/19/2012 12:53:52 pm

Dear Sephira,

Thanks for bringing your dad to visit our blog. I hope youco e back to visit soon.

Your friend,
Mrs. Sahlin


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