In December our class started a Holiday Card Exchange. First we made cards on our Chromebooks using Loupe Collage.  Loupe Collage makes a big picture with little images. For example, some of us made candy cane using little images of scarves, mittens and toques. Then we had a lot of snow days so they had to be finished quickly and sent all over North America.  Then we got a few cards in the mail before Christmas holidays. They were all from different parts of the United States. Afterwards we opened them and pinned them on our board. It has a map to show where the cards came from. After the holidays we got a lot of cards in the mail. It was exciting when we opened the cards and read about temperatures, different kinds of schools, how many boys and girls in classrooms, interesting facts about their schools, the teachers' names, and about their communities!  Now we are looking on Google Maps to find their locations and interesting places.  This is a great way to learn about different countries and communities in Social Studies!
In 3SB we have been learning about how to describe rocks.  We have discussed rock colour, texture (how it feels), luster (how shiny it is - or how much light it reflects) and hardness.  To check the hardness of a rock, we tested to see if we could scratch it with our fingernails, a penny or a metal nail.  Can you describe a rock that you have?
My teacher read us the book The Question.

Good readers ask questions when they read because they can become better readers this way. Asking questions helps us understand the story better. We can ask questions before, while we are reading and after we are reading. 

We like the part in the book about he still has to go to school!  It was funny because when he found out school was not cancelled, his head was hanging down. The man who told him about school reminded Logan of Pinch-Faced Amanda in Because of Winn-Dixie. 

Secret to Success:  Readers ask their own questions. They might not get answered when you read the story.  

We have been reading the novel Because of Winn-Dixie. There are many opportunities to stop and ask questions. One of our questions has been:  Why is Otis shy with everyone else, but not with Gloria Dump? 

What are you reading? What questions have you been asking as  you read?

  Last week we made earths out of clay. We rolled an orange ball out of clay and wrapped our layers around it. The inside orange layer is the inner core. It is solid. The red layer is the outer core. It is made up of rocks and minerals and is so hot that it is liquid. The thickest layer is the mantle and it's yellow. We haven't drilled down to the mantle yet! The thinnest layer is called the crust, which we live on!  Which layer is your favourite layer and why?