We are off to a great start in 3SB. As a class, we decided to make a promise about what our room will be like this year! Check out the picture for the details.

Today we had a magic show assembly in the gym! Steve Harmer talked about the 7 Habits and how to become a 7 Habits Hero!  We need to Help, use Encouraging words, think Respectful thoughts and think of Others. 

He also did a lot of tricks. One was pouring four glasses of fruit punch and putting them on a board with the pitcher and swinging them upside down. None of it spilled!  He also poured encouraging words into a cup and showed us that the words won't leak out if you think win-win!
Emily was a helper for the final trick.  She chose a random superhero card and picked Superman!  When Steve Harmer showed us a hidden stuffed animal, it was wearing a Superman shirt!  Emily got a cool bookmark for helping out.  
We had a great time at Steve Harmer's Magic Show.  We will continue being 7 Habits Heros everyday!

Today we celebrated International Dot Day. We read the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds and we made our own 'mark on the world'. We colored our own dots and then used the coLAR app to make them into 3D pictures. Please look at our Photo Gallery below. We ended our little celebration with a dot snack!
Our teacher read us the book: Because of Winn-Dixie. 

Reading using the strategy, Check For Understanding means: stopping when you read and asking yourself "Who is the story about?" and "What's happening?"

Secret to success:
Knowing you have to understand the who and what in the book.

We are reading the book "Because of Winn-Dixie" to practice checking for understanding. One thing that has happened is: A little girl found a dog and made up the name Winn-Dixie. She took it to her dad.

Who -  Winn-Dixie, Opal/India, her dad

Doing what - Winn-Dixie knocked things down in a store, Opal took the dog home and the dad said she can keep Winn-Dixie.

What book are you reading? Who is doing what in your story?