The students at IREC are having a blast in the gym this week. They are working hard on their balance and flexibility as they travel through the Mission Impossible obstacle course. The mission is to move through carefully, so that you do not get sent back to start again by one of the watchful snipers.
Mrs. Sahlin
5/23/2013 01:56:51 am

We have been working on wonderful words in class. The red words are the ones that I chose as my wonderful words for this blog post.
- blast instead of fun
- travel instead of go
- watchful instead of looking

6/6/2013 02:20:56 am

Dear Mrs.Sahlin
I love your wonderful red words.
Wonderful words!

Your student Mackenzie.

10/3/2013 02:03:40 am

Dear 3SB

It looks like your class had fun doing misson impossible!
I looking doing misson impossible this year!

from Hope


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