We were fortunate enough to receive a Flat Stanley from Mrs. McVannel's Grade 2/3 class in Waterloo, Ontario. We took Flat Stanley around our school and then wrote individual letters back to the Grade 2/3 class.  We hope the students enjoy their letters. 

Mrs. McVannel's Grade 2/3 class, will you please tell us about your class in the comments section. My Grade 3s are looking forward to learning a little more about you and your school. 

3/12/2013 07:36:43 am

Hi everyone! We are so excited because Flat Stanley has returned from adventures all over the world. Please check our website and click on The Flat Stanley Project to see where he has been! We will be equally thrilled to find out about you!

Right now we are having Spring Break until March 18th. We will make sure to return information to you about our school in Waterloo!

Thanks for hosting Stanley! We hope he behaved!

Mrs.McV's grade 2/3 class

3/20/2013 05:00:46 am

Hi friends in Alberta,

We received your Flat Stanley and your letters. They were very nice to read. We all read one letter and enjoyed reading them to find out more about you. Sounds like Alberta is interesting.

We are planning to answer your letters and to tell you more about our school called Millen Woods Public School. We will have to decide whether we will send this information by mail, or by your blogs.

We'll be in touch,

your friends in Waterloo....

grade 2/3 at Millen Woods.

Don Wielinga
3/15/2013 01:53:46 am

Hi Grade 3 SB -it has been great reading your blog and keeping up with what is happening in your classroom.

It looks like you have Flat Stanley a really great tour of our school. I like that way you took pictures of areas that would provide info. on our school for your partnered class in Ontario.

I am missing you all lots and hope to see you soon.

Happy St. Patrick's Day,



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