We are at an assembly learning about fire safety! We know to stop, drop and roll if we are on fire and to throw things out the window in case we are stuck. That way the firefighters can find us.

The firefighters also showed us their tools an gear. We don't have that gear so we have to be safe, stay low and make a plan with your parents about where to meet outside if there is a fire.

3SB listened really well when fire fighter Sara talked to us about kitchen safety. We know not to touch the elements on a stove and not to put water on an oil fire. If an oil fire happens you need to smother it with a lid. Remember to call 911 if you need help!

What else do you know about fire safety?

10/7/2013 01:37:17 am

To 3SB

Fire safety was very fun. At fire safety I leard that if thare is a fire in our house you feel our door and if it is not hot thane you get down low and you get out of your house and meet with your family

10/8/2013 01:42:35 am

Dear 3SB

I loved fire safetey! The best part was when Mr.macrman alwas made us lalf! It was funny when he said don't hide in your piggy bank!

From your friend,Matthew

10/15/2013 01:17:02 am

Hi 3sb.
I love the fire safety Assemble.
The safis theing to do is to stop drop and roll.
Love Katum.

10/23/2013 01:50:14 am

Never sleep with your door open because if a fire happens you cold get burnt and get injured .

11/18/2013 10:50:06 am

Dear 3sb

Here's a way for fire not too happen, don't leave open flames on your stove or don't leave your fire place open.

From Haylie.b


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