We are fortunate that our school has purchased a class set of snowshoes! As part of our Phys. Ed. curriculum, 3SB will be
snowshoeing each Wednesday from 11-12 pm. This new equipment will allow students to enjoy an outdoor winter activity on a regular basis at school.

Students are required to wear winter boots and proper outdoor clothing to join in the fun. Of course, we will only go out if the weather is warm enough for outside recess (above -20C). Please send your child with ski pants, hats, mitts and a warm jacket regardless of the forecast  in the morning, as we know that temperatures can quickly change throughout the day. 

Christmas Concert
Our grade 2-4 Christmas concert will be held on Dec. 12 at 7pm in our gym. Doors to the school will open at 6:30. Students are asked to meet in our classroom at 6:45 that evening.

Polar Express Day
On Monday, Dec. 17, we will be having a Polar Express Day. (This will be our Christmas party) The day will include a variety of activities from math problem solving to the story of the Polar Express. We will also watch the movie and do a comparison activity between the story and film. Please let us know if you are interested in sending a snack for this day.

Holiday Ho Ho Ho
On Wednesday, Dec. 19, our school will be having our monthly school-wide PE activity called the "Holiday Ho Ho Ho."  Students will rotate through a number of classrooms to participate in some Christmas themed physical activities. We will need one parent volunteer to lead our class from room to room. Please let usknow if you are available!

Important Dates:
Dec. 4 - Final day of swimming

Dec. 5 - Snowshoeing
           - Hot Lunch (Taco Time)

Dec. 12 - Snowshoeing
             - Grade 2-4 Christmas Concert (7pm - doors open at 6:30)

 Dec. 14 - Grade 1 Christmas Concert (1:30 pm)

 Dec. 17 - Polar Express Day (for all grade 3 classes only)

 Dec. 19 - Snowshoeing
              - Hot Lunch (Blackfalds Motor Inn)
              - Red/Green Dress Up 
              - "Holiday Ho Ho Ho" School-wide PE activity. 

Dec. 20 - Last day of school before winter holidays!
Dec. 21 - PD day - no students
Jan. 2 - Back to School

12/3/2012 05:09:21 am

Snow showshoeing is very fun. Tell me how you guys made out.

Mrs. Schlemko
12/7/2012 05:48:24 am

Hi Grade 3SB,

I hope you are enjoying snowshoeing! I also like to go sledding in the winter time. My dog gets really excited when we go down the hill. He tries to catch us! What other outside winter activities do you like to do?

Mrs. S. :)

12/10/2012 09:49:43 am

dear ms. shalin,ms. badall

it is fun can we go next year


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