This is a blog post  about this assembly in May.
In Assembly you will watch people, do plays and  and  celebrate our school.
And they  give out  teacher of the month award and the student of the month.
 Then at the end its the mane event and the judge picks a class to  play. Then they win money for the class.

 At the assembly 2T did a play on the Ugly Duckling and showed some people stuff we found on pitch in day.

On Friday, 3SB went to the Field House!!! We had so much fun there because we got to wear hard hats, Mr. Terry gave us a tour around the the Field House and took questions about the Field House. So it was pretty awesome. We got to see the blue prints for the construction. It was so fun to go around and all the stuff that was going on. Mr.Terry was soooo nice!!! I was amazed at all the cool stuff that was going on!!!! If you ever get to go to the Field House, make sure to thank Mr.Terry. Most of the building is made out of steel. The walk there was about 25 min. When we got there I saw people on the roof. Luckily they where wearing a harness, bright vests and ropes attached to the harness. There was a huge crane there that lifts things onto the roof!!! It was very loud there. 3SB had a lot of fun there!!!
It's hard to believe that we are down to our last two months of school! 

Our class has been working hard and we are looking forward to our first Provincial Achievement Tests which will begin soon. 

Please see the list below for the dates of these tests and mark them on your calendar at home. 

You can help your child to be successful by encouraging them to be relaxed and comfortable. Also, a good night's sleep, a healthy breakfast, and getting to school on time on these days is very important!
There is an online parent guide to Achievement Tests, which includes some sample questions that you may find useful. Please click on the link below.


Here is a list of some of our important dates for May and June.

May 8 - Hot Lunch - Annie's Chinese
May 14 - Grade 3 Provincial Achievement Test - Language Arts (Writing)
May 17 - Staff "In Lieu" Day - No School
May 20 - Victoria Day - No School
May 22 - Hot Lunch - Mia's
May 24 - Crazy Hat Day
May 31 - PD Day - No School
June 5 - Hot Lunch - Hot Dogs
June 11- Grade 3 Provincial Achievement Test - Language Arts (Reading)
June 13 - Grade 3 Provincial Achievement Test - Math
June 14 - Tacky Dress Up Day
June 20 - 3W/3SB Field Trip to Ellis Bird Farm
June 25 - Report Cards go home and Students' Last Day

1 month ago we started gymnastics in gym. We needed mats,some of us were in groups. Watch the video to learn the names of the moves.