The students at IREC are having a blast in the gym this week. They are working hard on their balance and flexibility as they travel through the Mission Impossible obstacle course. The mission is to move through carefully, so that you do not get sent back to start again by one of the watchful snipers.
Hear hear listen up kids to a farm safety activity!
We learned how a farm can damage your ears.  If you are on a  tractor all  day  you might  need  head phones ,  ear plugs and much more. Well not all on at the same time.We all have little hairs that  are in our cochleas that vibrate with sound. You want to probity some things. Did you know that cows can hurt your ears. If you are near a grainary always wear some thing to protect your ears. Anything can hurt your ear's on a farm so you need to protect your ears . Did you know that the little hairs can go away and they can never grow back ? It is scary that you will not be able to hear if all those are gone. Here is a short video of the farm safety .