My teacher read us the book The Question.

Good readers ask questions when they read because they can become better readers this way. Asking questions helps us understand the story better. We can ask questions before, while we are reading and after we are reading. 

We like the part in the book about he still has to go to school!  It was funny because when he found out school was not cancelled, his head was hanging down. The man who told him about school reminded Logan of Pinch-Faced Amanda in Because of Winn-Dixie. 

Secret to Success:  Readers ask their own questions. They might not get answered when you read the story.  

We have been reading the novel Because of Winn-Dixie. There are many opportunities to stop and ask questions. One of our questions has been:  Why is Otis shy with everyone else, but not with Gloria Dump? 

What are you reading? What questions have you been asking as  you read?