On Monday we finished our third and final Alien in-line skating session. We learned about putting on safety gear, getting up with rollerblades on, braking and other skating moves. Our coach Josh was really friendly and helpful.  We hope to do this again next year!
3SB, what was your favourite part of in-line skating? 


Several students from 3SB were recognized at today's assembly for their participation in the IREC Running Club this fall. Peyton, Matthew, Shaelynn, Kaiden and Emily have been working hard to Sharpen the Saw! Way to go!


3SB went for their first swimming lesson today. It was a great experience for everyone. They swam, dove, brought up treasure from the bottom of the pool and had fun. Way to go 3SB! Thank you CUC staff for the wonderful lessons.

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1 month ago we started gymnastics in gym. We needed mats,some of us were in groups. Watch the video to learn the names of the moves.
The students at IREC are having a blast in the gym this week. They are working hard on their balance and flexibility as they travel through the Mission Impossible obstacle course. The mission is to move through carefully, so that you do not get sent back to start again by one of the watchful snipers.