We have had a fabulous first week and a half of our 2014-2015 school year. The students are settling into routines and getting to know their new classmates. Thank you to all the students and parents who have filled out and returned the many forms sent home on the first day; if you have not sent them back yet, please do! 

This blog will be used to communicate our learning and the special events that happen at the school and in our classroom. Please refer back to this blog often to keep up with our learning. Better yet, please subscribe via email so you will automatically be notified when there is a new post. (See the subscription area on this page.) You are also invited to comment on our class blog posts. We love to hear from you!

We are excited to have a fabulous year!

Rilynn was chosen as IREC's January Student of the Month. She was recognized at the assembly today and given a certificate and some gifts. Rilynn has been working hard on her assignments and also with her friends, in and out of the classroom. Her smile makes 3SB a better place to be!  Congratulations, Rilynn.  You deserve it!  
On Monday we finished our third and final Alien in-line skating session. We learned about putting on safety gear, getting up with rollerblades on, braking and other skating moves. Our coach Josh was really friendly and helpful.  We hope to do this again next year!
3SB, what was your favourite part of in-line skating? 

In December our class started a Holiday Card Exchange. First we made cards on our Chromebooks using Loupe Collage.  Loupe Collage makes a big picture with little images. For example, some of us made candy cane using little images of scarves, mittens and toques. Then we had a lot of snow days so they had to be finished quickly and sent all over North America.  Then we got a few cards in the mail before Christmas holidays. They were all from different parts of the United States. Afterwards we opened them and pinned them on our board. It has a map to show where the cards came from. After the holidays we got a lot of cards in the mail. It was exciting when we opened the cards and read about temperatures, different kinds of schools, how many boys and girls in classrooms, interesting facts about their schools, the teachers' names, and about their communities!  Now we are looking on Google Maps to find their locations and interesting places.  This is a great way to learn about different countries and communities in Social Studies!
Today was a bright sunny winter day, perfect for snowshoeing. 3SB got out for there first time this year on the snow shoes. It was quite a treat to be able to take our practicum teacher, Mrs. Nisbett. She is from Bermuda so this was an exciting adventure.

What is you favourite winter sport?

To help us remember all the parts of the human ear, we've been practicing a song.  Click on the video below to hear us practicing.
3SB acted out the parts of a human ear last week.  Students, can you explain the parts of the ear and what they do?
What do you know about soundwaves?
3SB has been busy doing a web quest about Bermuda on the Chromebooks. Our student teacher, Mrs. Nisbett is from Bermuda and we were excited to learn all about this interesting country. We also got to practice our online research skills.

Students, what did you learn about Bermuda?
We are so excited to be part of the districts pilot project for 1 to 1 Chromebooks.
We have all gotten used to logging on and are getting much more comfortable with Google Apps for Education. Please stop back to see what projects we use our Chromebooks for.

Students please write in the comments your favorite use for the Chromebooks so far.